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100% ALL FRUIT ONLY Breakfast Top 3

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Concerned about getting in your 5-a-day of whole fresh fruit? See my list below for the top 3 ways to make sure you incorporate 5 servings of 'earth's candy' daily.

Remember, it's not rocket science, it is about proper planning!

  1. Check out Simply Produce for fresh pressed juices daily- she' mobile in the Atlanta area! Rather make your own? Grab a juicer at your local appliance store from $40 and up!

  2. Toss your 5 servings of fresh fruit in a blender and smooth it away with your own custom smoothie!

  3. Lastly, the good old fashioned way as pictured above, whole. Sprinkle on some Abstract Spicy and/or Abstract Lemon Salt & Pepper and amaze your tastebuds! Be sure to break down your fruit in containers for easy and convenient access. Planning for a healthy lifestyle is over half the battle!


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