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Your Culinary Health Resource

AC Art Of Food is the resource to help you eat healthier!

Whether you're looking to:

  • add a little flavor and heart-healthy spice to your food with our seasoning blends Abstract Spice

  • understand and learn more about the tools to mindfully improve the way you eat for overall improved health with our Wellness Coaching Programs

  •  find delicious healthy meals to make with help from           The Recipe Shop

  • find delicious gourmet healthier meals to be made for you with ACAOF Meal Prep

  • have a detailed list of meals, recipes, and shopping list of what you need for healthy weight management on your own terms with our Custom Meal Plans

  • find tips, ideas, and recommendations on eating for a healthier life via our Tasty Blog've found the right place here with 

A C  A R T  F O O D,


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What's in the resource?

Abstract Spice

Our all-natural low sodium spice blends are alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting!

Try all 6:

Original, Lower Sodium, Spicy, Lemon Salt & Pepper, Lemon LOW Salt & Pepper, Rose Sea Salt

Cooked w/ AC- A healthful cooking experience

More than a cooking class, learn the benefits of the ingredients you are working with and more!

Culinary Health Courses

From building a healthy kitchen to identifying the medicinal foods to keep in your 'medicine cabinet', we have courses to support your healthy lifestyle

Custom Meal Plans

Based on your specifics and goals, our meal plans are effective and scientifically supported

 Blood Type Health Session
Meal Plan

The most supportive foods, supplements, and movement for your body based on your blood type.

Signature Merchandise

Masks, t-shirts, mugs, bags, hoodies, and more!  Wear your lifestyle OUT LOUD!

Super Health Food

is your one-stop-shop for health

Allow us to improve your quality of life, one delicious bite at a time!

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