AC Art Of Food, LLC is a culinary health lifestyle resource specializing in helping individuals eat better.​The company was initially founded in 2003 by owner and culinary creator, Adrienne 'AC' Price. Initially a private caterer turned personal chef, AC started her cooking journey when she was knee-high to her matriarchs, watching them pour love and joy into the pots and pans they mastered in creating delicious bowls and platefuls of comfort. Today, AC has re-focused her company as a culinary resource that educates clients with custom meal planning, all-natural seasonings, cookbooks, and an overall healthier lifestyle of eating.

It was no wonder that at the tender age of six, AC received the entrepreneurial ‘bug’ and sold her very first Chocolate Peanut Butter Honey Nut Cheerio Ball neatly packaged to the neighborhood kids for the affordable price of $.25 each. She sold out her first day. Next came the 5th grade 4H Recipe Contest where she took home first place bragging rights (not to mention a cool turquoise 4H t-shirt) for her sensational Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake recipe still popular today. As she got older, whipping up fun sandwiches, easy and quick casseroles, and healthy treats became second nature and developed a stronger passion and drive to make good food for good people. In 2007, AC formed 'AC Art of Food' in Atlanta, Georgia where she was caterer to several of the elite in the city's Midtown and surrounding metro areas. She was also selected in 2008 as the featured culinary artist at the Georgia State University- Rialto Center for the Art's Theatrical Outfit where Atlanta's own Monica Kaufman Pearson and the star of the highly-rated TNT show 'Monk', Tony Shalhoub, were hosts of the event. In between catering appointments is where she began her personal chef venture serving busy clients in the Atlanta, Georgia and Cincinnati, Ohio areas.
When AC became pregnant with her first child, she decided to hang up her apron and devote her time and energy to nurture her son, Aidon. In 2009, AC released a self-published cookbook entitled 'For My Girls' which paid homage to her best girlfriends. The book compiles their favorite dishes that were often prepared for them. After the birth of her daughter Logan, she returned to the culinary world, but this time in a role where she would give back.

Although AC is no longer cooking for clients as a private chef, she re-launched AC Art of Food, LLC in 2016 as a culinary health resource where her sole purpose is to guide individuals to healthier eating. Her website is full of tasty information, healthful tips, flavorful recipes, interactive videos, as well as a healthy online gourmet store, MaymeJax Gourmet Boutique, that is home to her infamous hand crafted, all natural, seasoning blends, Abstract Spice - that is literally,
'...good on EVERYTHING!!'.

Products and services provided by AC Art Of Food to encourage a healthier lifestyle include:

  • Abstract Spice- 6 healthfully delicious seasoning blends

  • Culinary Health eCookBooks, Volumes 1 & 2 

  • Blood Type & Culinary Health Kitchen Courses

  • 'Cooked with AC' - a Virtual Cooking Experience

  • Customized Meal Plans

Adrienne ‘AC’ Price holds a Bachelors in Business Management from Savannah State University, and earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix. AC is also certified in Food/Nutrition/Health, Food & Health, and The Science of Well-Being from Stanford and Yale Universities respectively, ServSafe (Mgr), and is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

AC lives in Atlanta with her best friend/husband Landon and their three amazing children, Jakobi, Aidon, Logan, and fur baby 'Nati'.

"...when you learn how food is medicine for your body, you love what you eat because you're eating for life. My focus is to make that life taste good."
-Adrienne 'AC' Price, AC Art of Food