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Stay-At-Home Meal Ideas & Staples!

Around this time last year I developed a plan for parents finding themselves semi-homeschool their children. It's amazing how much more info we have now, yet how far we have to go. Since majority of us are seemingly back where we started, I felt a re-post with this valuable info was essential!

Click the link at the bottom of this post for the Stay-At-Home Meal Ideas & Staples Resource Document. It's full of ideas and recipes on how to navigate healthy eating for your families during these trying times.

*Original Post, 2/5/2020*

Although the nightmare that is Covid has come and uprooted lives worldwide, the opportunity to relearn ourselves, families, and homelife have been a blessing to some. And let's face it, more of a challenge for others.

Being home more than away for a change is proving to be daunting to some, especially with everyone under one roof working and schooling from home.

Fortunately AC Art Of Food has compiled a handy resource, developed to help those at a loss for easy and delicious meal ideas and treats to manage the in-home-cafeteria-lady position some of us have now been selected for, lol!

STOP the spread of COVID-19:

*Stay home when you can.

*Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds....OFTEN!

*Clean all items and people that enter your home from outside.

*Eat healthy to build and boost your immune system now....and ALWAYS!

*Drink water and....PLENTY OF IT!



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