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The Easiest 3-Day Post Homecoming Tiger Detox

In conjunction with consuming 1 gallon of water daily and overall mindful eating, incorporate the following 3- Day Post Homecoming Tiger Detox.

And on day 4, do all 3! These easy three healthful actions are a realistic way to boost your healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis.

Let's get started!

  • Day 1- Make fresh fruit only, your first meal of the day. Attempt to eat responsibly for the rest of the day. Ample amounts of water also need to be consumed today and for the following two detox days as well. 1 gallon/ day.

Now I know everyone’s hitting the road and needs that ESSENTIAL cup of Joe first thing in the a.m. For these 3 days, make it the smallest size and preferably black. If that’s still unimaginable, just use 1/2 of the extras you’d usually add in. Green tea is also ideal.

  • Day 2- Eat a large plate of greens (at least 4 cups) for dinner. Having chicken for dinner? Fish? Enjoy on top of a LARGE plateful of greens. And there are more vitamin packed options than romaine.

Try chopping kale + lemon juice + extra virgin olive oil + garlic powder + sea salt and toss- you can thank me later!

  • Day 3- Replace your breakfast or and/or lunch with the following smoothie recipe:

    • 1 cup frozen berries

    • 1 small apple

    • 2 cups spinach

    • 2 stalks celery

    • 1 lime

    • 1 inch of of fresh ginger

Get a customized plan based on your body specifics/goals and improve your overall mindful lifestyle. Lose bad weight & gain better health today- the right way! Click here to get started!

Great Eats & Healthy Living!


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