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The #1 Smoothie Tip

Often times we have great intentions on starting, and most importantly, sticking to a good healthy eating routine.

So let’s talk smoothies.

What an awesome opportunity to toss all the beneficial elements into a one-stop-shop, cool, and refreshing drink...right?


Loading your blender with ‘all the things’ will absolutely take you above and beyond your ideal daily calorie allowance, defeating your healthy weight goals.

So of course, AC Art Of Food is helping you take the guesswork out of healthFUL smoothie-ing! So remember the #1 tip for creating a healthy smoothie: Less is BEST!

These *4 Smoothie Elements* will ensure your blend is healthy, delicious, and calorie maintainable:

  1. Veggies (these tend to be low in calories and HIGH in nutrient power!)

  2. Fruit (there are some who believe veggies and fruits shouldn’t mix in smoothies, but whole fruit is our sweetener element adding the flavor to keep you consistent and healthy! CHOOSE ONE- to maintain sugar and calorie levels.)

  3. Lemon/Lime (this zesty component not only adds the ‘zing’ in your smoothie but also cleansing, detoxifying, and alkaline properties- as all of our ingredients have because they’re fruits/veggies!)

  4. Boost (this is your flax, chia, spirulina, sea moss, etc., addition for the extra nutrient ‘boost’ for a more powerful smoothie!)

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