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Go Green with Local Seasonal Produce- FROM MY BODY BEATS!

A couple of good friends of mine own a fantastic business called My Body Beats.  This is a company dedicated to getting you in shape!  Why not get a jump start on taking care of your body in the new year without having to pay mucho dinero in gym initiation and membership fees!

Put it this way, what if I told you that by going to, you can have your own virtual personal trainer give you a workout in the comfort of your own home for under $10….would you believe me?

Well believe it!!  Just to to and stay awhile!  Navigate through tips, expert advice, and loads of inspiration and motivation to get you FINE for ’09!!!

Check out this excellent write-up on local seasonal produce and how it’s good for you!

By Nikki Canty of My Body Beats (

Eating fruits and vegetables grown locally helps reduce air pollution and toxic pesticides on your food. Produce that’s out of season, can’t be grown locally and must travel far distances before it lands on your plate. This journey that your food goes on uses an enormous amount of fuel and releases tons of pollution into the air. So take a stroll through your local market. The fresh air be good for your soul, you’ll be supporting local farmers, helping your environment, and enjoying fruits and vegetables at their tastiest!

What fruits and vegetables might you find at your local farmers’ market…fresh from Autumn’s harvest?

  1. Apples

  2. Pears

  3. Grapes

  4. Winter Squash

  5. Carrots

  6. Beets

  7. Kale

  8. Broccoli Rabe

  9. Brussels Sprouts

  10. Potatoes

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