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Finding The Perfect Gift

Written By: Lilise D. Mason, Social Business Manager

December 14, 2023

Hey there Foodies,

Tis’ the season for gift giving! Receiving gifts for the holidays can be a joy…if it’s what you want! But how is one to know the perfect gift to give? If you’re not so good at gift giving you may have experienced the forced fake smiles, awkward thanks, and if they were bold enough the return receipt conversation. No need to worry about that this year because your bad gift giving days are coming to an end. After years of trail and error with my holiday shopping, I’ve created a list of my top 3 points to consider when approaching gift giving. By the end of this essay you’ll be a top-notch gift giver.

Step #1 : Assess your budget

Pricey gifts aren’t always the way to go, especially if it’s ‘way’ out of your budget. Let me tell you something, I loovvveee a good gift basket. All of their favorites wrapped in one cute, functional package. However, my problem was that I didn’t know when to stop adding to the basket which would turn a $50 gift into a $100+ gift🫣. I had to remind myself that I can’t pour from an empty cup and to be a bit more realistic with my budgeting. I suggest periodically reassessing your budget, especially if there are changes in your financial situation. Also, keep a record of your gift purchases to ensure you stay within the allocated budget for each person. Adjust as needed to maintain financial balance. Nothing is worse than having buyer’s remorse during the season of gift giving. So my #1 tip to you is to decide on a dollar amount ‘range’ and stick to it, then you can go to step #2.

Step #2 : Think about the gift receiver

As the gift giver, you want to consider the external and internal specs of the recipient. What’s their fashion style, interests, hobbies? What makes them warm and fuzzy, or even their dreams and goals. You don’t want to make the mistake of gifting your tomboy niece a new makeup kit. You do however want to get your recipient a gift they can appreciate. Taking the time to the tailor to the recipient's interests and preferences shows how well you know them making the gift more meaningful. I understand that finding out the interests of the people you don’t frequently communicate with might not be so easy but, there are a few ways to get some intel. Stalking their social media accounts, asking their close friends, or dropping discreet hints in conversation. Once you’ve gathered some information consider the top 3 ideas and see where their costs land on your dollar amount range in step #1.

Step #3 : Would you appreciate the sentiment of the gift if you were the receiver?

We’ve all heard the saying “empathy, empathy put yourself in the place of me” in this case we’re using this reference as a nod to quality. When choosing the perfect gift for a friend, companion, or family member you can ensure that the gift has sentimental value by putting yourself in the place of the recipient. Does this item hold any special memories for you? Can you share a story or moment connected to this? Does parting with this item evoke any emotions? The purpose of a sentimental gift is to convey deep emotional connection, thoughtfulness, and a personal touch. Such gifts are meant to celebrate relationships, create lasting memories, and show the recipient that they hold a special place in the giver's heart. An engraved friendship bracelet for a clingy sister, a family portrait for a nostalgic grandmother, or a love poem for a romantic partner. These gifts go beyond material worth, emphasizing the emotional connection between the giver and the recipient, fostering a sense of appreciation and understanding.

Now do you think you’re ready to pick the perfect gifts for your loved ones? We’ve learned how to avoid buyer’s remorse by creating a budget and sticking to it. We also know the importance of considering our recipient’s hobbies and goals while gift shopping. Even some easy ways to find out the interests of a recipient you might not know as well. Lastly, we’ve learned that the sentiment behind the gift often matters more than the gift itself. A nice well curated gift of quality stands a better chance of being treasured , especially when being a sincere gift giver! And with that being said, if you know any cooks who are passionate about healthy eating, the perfect gift for them this holiday season is AC Art of Food’s Holiday Bundle Box! This bundle comes with 3oz. packets of all Abstract Spices, a package of our health nuts, a packet of our maple granola, an ACAOF branded item, a wooden spoon, and a reusable empty magnet tin which can filled with any of the Abstract Spices. Check out our website to learn more about the health benefits of our Abstract Spices.

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