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The BEST Grocery Shopping Strategy (to get you in and 1, 2, 3!)

It is what it is, folks despise grocery shopping, I get it!

But I also get, that it has to be done, regardless if you physically step into your neighborhood market or if you simply have them delivered- groceries must get got!

However, it doesn't have to be so daunting as you think, lol!

It's hands down proven that when you organize, plan, and strategize, your life can become much easier and you can actually see the forest for the trees!

With this in mind, I present to you, my creation of the absolute BEST Grocery Shopping Strategy to generate a more time/money saving, overall efficient experience out here in these grocery shopping aisles in 3 steps:


    1. Assess you and your family's culinary wants/needs.

    2. Decide 3-4 set meal themes for the week, assigning them every other day leaving a breather for you and allowing for the repurposing of left-overs:

      1. Example: Taco 'Tuesday', Fish 'Friday, etc.,

    3. Check/Confirm your kitchen inventory (pantry, cabinets, fridge/freezer) developing your shopping list of what items you'll need to pick up to support and complete the current week's menu.

  • 2nd- LET'S SHOP

    1. Set/Establish meals for the week

      1. Example:

      • Sun- Roast Chicken/Spinach/Baked Potatoes,

      • Mon- LEFTOVERS

      • Tues- Tacos!

      • Wed- LEFTOVERS

      • Thurs- Fish/Noodles/Broccoli

      • Fri- FREE

      • Sat- Homemade Pizza!

2. Set a realistic budget based on your shopping list and stick to it!

3. REMEMBER: Create your list for ONLY the current week being shopped- making reasonable allotments for health-conscious breakfasts, lunches, snacks, beverages, condiments.

4. Now grab that buggy and GO!

  • 3rd- LET'S PREP

Meal prepping is not only for those looking to eat healthier, but it's also a means of budget assessing and food preserving.

  • Analyze what you spend weekly and compare it to your budget. After a month of this strategy you should be closer to your goal- maybe even saving a bit more cash!

  • Food is less likely to go to waste once it's assigned to a meal/snack idea- package it accordingly and immediately!

  1. Establish a day during the week to break down large/bulk items and re-package them with other ingredients based on your themed meals for the week.

  2. Store meals in glass containers with sealed lids for not only proper preservation, but also better taste.



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