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Diet-schmiet! I’m changing eating habits for 2010


I’ve been giving serious thought to my past and current eating habits.  It’s not that I eat terribly bad, but my cosumption could be so much better.  I am well aware of good healthy eating tactics, eating right for your blood type, include this, exclude that.  But I think it wasn’t until the recent birth of my first son where I realized I needed to focus a bit more and become more personale about what I eat.  Milk for instance- I LOVE MILK!!  Both my husband and I would consume 2 gallons in a week!  However, I recently got a hold of a John Hopkins study stating the large amounts of mucus milk produces in the body.  My heart sank- I would drink water like I breathed air!  So I tried the soy substitute.  It was ok, but then I read about the estrogen levels in that!  So I gave into a girlfriend of mine who swears by almond milk, and it is safe to say…I AM HOOKED!  I’ve only had the vanilla flavored Blue Diamond brand, but to my surprise it has all the nutritional value and more of milk with only 2 grams more of sugar. 

With that said, I have officially adopted the state of mind to take personal what I eat.  If it only tastes really good because perservatives, additives, MSG, and transfat, then it’s really only cheating your tongue!   I’ve decided to consume more fresh veggies, fish/seafood, and fruit and carbs to a certain extent due to their high sugar content.

Now, my plan in sticking to this is seeking out venues and ways to make such items more attainable.  Isn’t that the whole issue sumed up anyway?  If there were more variety and places to attain such wholesome vittles (at a reasonable $), more people would eat healthier, right?  Well that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!  I’ve plotted out at least 3 spots where I know I can somewhat conveniently pick up healthy items with not so woefully a financial sticker. 

The least amount of cooking heat the better!  I want to get back to actually savoring a foods natural good taste and not slather it with excess dressings.

Lastly- water, water, water, will be the beverage of choice.  Herbal teas with no more than a teaspoon of honey.  No diet ‘light’ beverages either.  I might as well get the real thing with all the artificial load-up found in these supposed ‘weight-watching’ liquids….YUCK! 

 I think I’m off to a great start with my healthy perspective for 2010!

Diet-schmiet!  Who’s with me?!?!

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