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But what about MY protein?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

In my cooking class last Saturday, a young lady on her journey to vegetarianism asked me about significant sources of protein to support her meat-free diet. I responded with the immediate go-to of beans, quinoa, soy (in moderation), and protein fortified nut milks as great methods of incorporating protein. But what about the other valuable sources of protein that vegetarians and vegans alike partake? And because we know that a vegan bodybuilder is NOT an oxymoron😁, I was on a hunt for a great reference with this very info to refer to my clients as a 'cheat sheet' if you will!

Not only did I find the 4 muscle building, energy giving, and appetite filling protein sources mentioned above, but I've located at least 20 more of theses bad boys for you choose from!

Check out the chart above, and get more info from the link below and thank me later!

Great Eats & Healthy Living!


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