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Turkey Pastrami, my new bacon…!

Almost a decade ago my boyfriend then, now husband, introduced me to the wonder meat that we know of as turkey pastrami.  He would make the best griddled turkey pastrami sandwiches on wheat with Swiss cheese!  As I said, that was a decade ago.  I did not realize until a week ago the treasure that lies within pan frying this delicious meat! 

It was a Sunday morning, we were running late getting ready for church, and out of turkey bacon.   Being the creative one that I am, curiosity led me to reach for my cast iron skillet and allow the two to become acquainted.  What a miraculous discovery in taste and texture!  It was meaty yet crisp, not too salty but savory, and the peppered edges…..BEAUTIFUL!  I truly do not believe I will ever be able to swallow turkey bacon again.  At an average price of roughly $3/lb in comparison to the usually higher-price-for-less-amount turkey bacon, it’s a way better deal for the uniqueness of this versatile ‘deli’ pastrami.  Plus it’s healthier than the pig!

So this weekend, bring home the ‘new’ bacon, and yes, fry it up in a pan!  (Oven baked on 400 for approx. 15 minutes is acceptable too!)

Make it a great turkey pastrami tasting day!

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