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Top Secret Deviled Egg Tip

Easter and warm weather are right around the corner. Now, traditionally the partaking of deviled eggs is generally any holiday. However, as for me and mine, we save the handheld-two-bite wonders for the spring and summer seasons. Yep, that's right, Easter is not just about the colorful hunting kind.

BUT, have you been preparing these oval delights the wrong way all this time?

As with majority of the recipes I create, my ancestors are the original force behind them. And just like rumors, the more it's passed down, the more it changes. The opportunity to add your own twist is at play, and my twist is all about balance. Deviled eggs are a savory appetizer that many have contributed egg-stravagant ingredients to make them extreme like caviar, bacon, truffles, edible gold and flowers even. But my balance is in the mix itself. Among the yolk, mustard, celery, relish, mayo, and of course Abstract Spice, just to name a few of the essentials, a touch of sweetness is necessary. Some choose to add sugar, for AC on the other hand, (yes, I just spoke of myself in 3rd person) honey is the Top Secret Deviled Egg Tip that makes my deviled eggs the highlight of every event where they make an appearance. Honey has the ability to not simply 'sweeten' a recipe, but more so bring out the natural sweetness of the seemingly savory ingredients. It's an enhancer.

So there you have it, the top secret tried and true. Try it in your deviled egg recipe this season and let me know what you think. Something's telling me you will not be disappointed.


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