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Top 10 Natural have in your medicine cabinet

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Pain killers, fizzy tablets for upset stomach and cold, antibiotic creams, bandages, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, prescription meds.

This is pretty much the standard contents one would think of when it comes to a bathroom medicine cabinet. While these items may offer a bit of relief in the times of minor pain and sickness, are these items adding to the healthy healing of our bodies once used? For the most part the answer would be no. BUT WAIT, that's not to suggest you toss your traditional medicine cabinet completely! I'm simply sharing a few items to add!

These natural healthy healing items are great additions to have on hand for relief of what ails you! Majority of these remedies stem from our ancestor's healing traditions still carrying the same properties of protection today. Now, there will be items in this healing list that won't be limited to your bathroom shelf, some are items that will need to be stored in your pantry and/or your fridge for optimal preservation. Let's see how many items of our Top 10 Healers To Have In Your Medicine Cabinet you have in your 'healing' medicine cabinet, you may be surprised!

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  • Sea Moss gel/capsules- immune boost/overall nutrient supplier

  • Elderberry syrup- cold/flu defense

  • Zinc- early onset cold/flu defense

  • Local/Raw Honey- antibacterial

  • Epsom Salt- digestion aid, constipation relief, stool softener

  • Turmeric + Cracked Black Pepper- anti-inflammatory

  • Raw Ginger Root- digestion aid

  • Oil of Oregano- early onset cold/flu defense

  • Aloe Vera Leaf- supreme burn/cut pain relief/antibacterial

  • Matcha and/or loose leaf green tea- daily immune defense

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