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LIST: Top 10 Foods To Make for Cinco de Mayo

Updated: May 4, 2022

One of the unofficial kick-offs to the warmer weather season, Cinco de Mayo has crossed cultural boundaries and has become a fav of many in celebrating the festive flavors of Mexico's victory!

With so many culinary offerings to commemorate this delicious celebratory holiday, how do you choose what to make?

No worries, AC Art Of Food has you covered with an amazing list of our Top 10 Foods To Make For Cinco de Mayo. And as a bonus, I snuck a couple of easy delicious recipes in too!

The only problem now is deciding which one...or several to make!


  1. Tacos! (Hard or soft shell, fill with ground protein, shredded chicken, mushrooms, fish, shrimp, black beans)

  2. Enchiladas

  3. Homemade Abstract Chips:

    1. Heat a pan with grapeseed oil on med/high heat.

    2. Cut a flour or corn tortilla in 1/8 triangle strips.

    3. Add strips to oil flipping to brown on each side (approx 30 seconds per side).

    4. Remove from pan and let drain on a wire rack or paper towel lined plate.

    5. Immediately after removing from oil, sprinkle with a half-and-half mix of Abstract Spice Spicy & Abstract Lemon Salt & Pepper and enjoy!

  4. Queso & Homemade Abstract Chips

  5. Fresh Guacamole & Homemade Abstract Chips

  6. Fresh Salsa or Pico di Gallo & Homemade Abstract Chips

  7. Refried beans topped with sriracha and melted cheese

  8. Abstract Shrimp Salsa:

    1. 2 cups of your favorite salsa

    2. Abstract Lemon Salt & Pepper Shrimp (raw shrimp tossed in olive oil and Abstract Lemon Salt & Pepper broiled until just pink and curled)

  9. Mexican Street Corn:

    1. Grill or roast 4 cobs of corn

    2. Mix together 1/4 cup mayo + 1/4 cup sour cream + 1 tbsp garlic powder + chili powder + zest of a lime + 1/2 tsp Abstract Rose Sea Salt

    3. Brush the mixture onto 4 grilled or roasted cobs of corn evenly

    4. Sprinkle on smoked paprika + cotija cheese + fresh cilantro

    5. Finish with a squeeze of lime

  10. Churros

Great Eats & Healthy Living!


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