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the coach and six restaurant- 1776 peachtree street….

Talk about one of the best restaurants ever in Atlanta!  Does anyone remember The Coach and Six on Peachtree and how it had the most devine American Contemporary cuisine ever! I had my first and last intoxicating experience back in 1994.  They served delicious dishes such as Lobster Ravioli, their famous Triple Cut Lamb Chops, and my ABSOLUTE favorite dish, the Traditional Shrimp Scampi- another entry in my internal cookbook that has led me to love gourmet food the way I do today.  

(Right next door to where The Coach and Six used to reside is the fabulous R.Thomas!!!  My husband would eat their wings every night if I let him.  I’m quite partial to their version of Eggs Benedict (on wheat toast).  You talk about tasty-healthy food, R.Thomas is definitely one of my inspirations when I create my menus of healthy gourmet.)

I have no idea why The Coach and Six closed, but if anyone knows, or has an idea of what restaurant in Atlanta or anywhere, comes close, please, I’d love to know!

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