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Greetings all and look no more!  I know it’s not Friday, but I have stumbled across a few PHENOMENAL Summer Salads that just couldn’t wait!  But why let summer have all the fun?!?!  I say call ’em All-Seasons-Salads to enjoy anytime! 

Did I mention they’re easy on the pocketbook too?!

Thanks to the folx fueling the awesome site all*you, there’s something for everyone in this green-leaf culinary collection for very little $$!  And adding a little green onion here and a slice of strawberry there, are just simple ways of making these into your own signature salad creations! 

Finally, a satisfying answer to eating well in the heat or anytime of the year for that matter, enjoy!

Here’s the link:

Make it a Great SensationalSalad Tasting Day!

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