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Mindful Mason Jar Steep & Strain Tea

The benefits of tea are amazing! An overall soother of the body from head to toe with natural herbs full of antioxidants, stress reducers, heart healthy, and has been proven to reduce stokes and heart disease, just to name a few. Tea is a beautiful sip for the mind and body, but what's the best way to prepare a warm calming cup of tea?

There is no secret that a loose leaf tea blend is so much more aromatic, full-bodied, and beautifully flavored than that of a bagged tea. Just look look at it. Bagged tea consists of tiny pieces of tea leaves and the occasional minced piece of dried fruit, maybe spice.

Now take a gander at a loose leaf blend and witness the entire leaf, whole herbs, and an identifiable piece of fruit, and/or flower. And no, your eyes don't deceive the other senses, the more pungent floral fragrance and delicious whole flavor of these spices, fruits, and herbs play an even more significant deliciously calming role.

However, the winning side to bagged tea is the ease and convenience of simply immersing the tea bag into boiling water. It gets cumbersome when you have to figure out how to steep the beautifully full loose leaves without them managing their way into your mug.

Never fear, AC Art Of Food is here with my 'Mindful Mason Jar Steep & Strain Tea Method!

Follow these steps:

1. Add your favorite loose leaf tea to a 16 oz. mason jar

2. Add boiling water

3. Let steep for 4 minutes (longer for a stronger brew)

4. Strain to fill your favorite mug

5. Add a natural sweetener if so desired, sip...and free your mind.

Herbs for Mental Calm:







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