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AC's Health Foodie Education Program

Updated: May 31, 2023

Written By: AC Price, Culinary Health & Wellness Coach

May 31, 2023

Our mission at AC Art Of Food is to educate others on the importance and tools needed to navigate a mindful healthy eating lifestyle. To support this, we provide healthy meal prep, custom meal plans, heart-healthy spices, certified wellness and nutrition coaching, and much more.

With this effort, we are excited to introduce our 8-week

AC's Health Foodie Education Program for kids and kids-at-heart! The program is broken out into 8 different modules full of:

  • Fun-food activities

  • Interactive healthy eating forums

  • Team building cooking demonstrations to apply the module lesson of the day

We have joined forces for our current session with the renowned Mental Fitness STEAM to not only nourish the minds of tomorrow, but their bodies as well!

Inquire today about our AC's Health Foodie Education Program. Our group max is 15 students and we offer 1:1 program accommodations as well.


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