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Grapefruit & Fennel Trout Recipe

​I decided to prepare a fish dish this past weekend to take to a friend’s family event at the lake. However, I was a bit bored with the same old 'lemon and dill’ seasoned fish- primarily salmon as the fish. So the hubby picked up a few pounds of my new favorite delight of the sea, steelhead trout! Now, what to add to it to jazz it up....differently?

As I glanced over at the fruit on my counter, I noticed an almost too juicy pink grapefruit that had about one more day left before I would toss it into my compost bin. That’s when the ‘AHA!’ hit me! Why not?! It’s in the citrus family but with a sweet and bitter twist at the same time. Why not try a different and complex flavor boost with grapefruit? And it did not hurt one bit for me to be reminded as I gazed out my kitchen window that fennel was growing beautifully in my garden this season- I thought it the perfect accompaniment with this fruit. What’s more, fennel greens/tops pack a similar, yet more potent punch in comparison to dill.

End result, my favorite seafood seasoning of the summer! These flavor combinations resulted in this trout being off the taste charts!!

Now, I simply adore the sharp zip in flavor I get from citrus when enjoying seafood, but all seasonal fruit is fair game!!😋


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