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5 Tips & More For A Healthier Halloween

Easily the unhealthiest holiday of them all, and clearly one of the most fun! Thank goodness Halloween only comes around once a year, lol! However, as I always shout, 'MODERATION'!

So absolutely enjoy and have a great SAFE time this Halloween, and it wouldn't be Great Eats & Healthy Living if I didn't provide a healthy twist! Try these 5 Tips & More For A Healthier Halloween:

  1. Be sure on this day to drink as much water as possible! Not only will it help to balance all the sugar you'll consume this day, but it will also fill you up a bit to possibly keep you from consuming as many goodies!

  2. Ditch the car and take a walk with the kids in the neighborhood for traditional trick-or-treating safely! This way you'll burn off some of those candy-calories.

  3. TAKE 5! Grab 5 pieces of your favorite from the bowl, indulge, and give away the rest! Out of sight, out of mind. #moderation!

  4. If it's not too late and Covid safe, plan a small gathering and focus on active games and not so much the candy. Boost adrenaline levels and get the heart pumping to offset some of the candy consumption.

  5. Grab some small sized pumpkins, carve out the insides and season with Abstract Spice + honey + cinnamon + oat milk. Blend/pureé until smooth, pour back into the pumpkin cavity and enjoy!

In addition, take a look at these spooky snacks that won't frighten your waistline!



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