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Greetings to all and welcome to my Delicious Weblog! This blog is devoted to those who love to buy, smell, talk, create, and most importantly, EAT GOOD FOOD!

My company AC ART of Food was designed to create delicious culinary works of ART, focusing on healthy fare, while cultivating a gourmet kick! In my walk of life I have encountered many that share the same love for such epicurean style food and it is no surprise that I have even been given the nickname ‘GourMaven’ by a close friend.  And it’s in collaborating with friends, I am able to generate ideas and techniques to conquer my next gourmet sketch.

So that’s me in a pie shell-AC ART of Food, GourMaven, The Cultivating Gourmet, or just simply Adrienne….and that’s what’s cooking with me!

Now tell me, what’s cooking with you?

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