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The Art of Giving to Eliminate Hunger

children eating

When it comes to food I am crazy for the good stuff. Oh, the way I can devour gourmet anything, and cook it too! They don’t call me Gourmaven for nothing! And not just gourmet, but GOOD food period. And if you’re reading this post you most likely have a knack for good food as well. But we’re blessed in that we can have a taste for something, find a recipe for it, find someone to prepare it or re-create it ourselves whenever the desire hits us. But unfortunately there are numerous among our communities that don’t have this considered luxury. What’s worse is that many of these precious individuals are children. Our hunger problem has always been an issue that I never understood why still exists. For this to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, homelessness and hunger should not be an issue here. However, until it can be resolved on the larger scale, we should do all we can on the smaller.

AC Art of Food is committed to donating a portion of its revenue through its subsidiary A Cart of Food, Grocery Concierge to aid in combating this very important issue. Let’s do all we can to resolve this unfortunate problem.

In researching local charities a few foundations sparked my interest and maybe they will spark yours as well to either donate and/or volunteer. If you know of any more reputable organizations geared toward feeding the hungry please comment to this post and I’ll be sure to spread the word!


ICareAtlanta, Inc.


Put your money and/or your action where your mouth is and give back to ELIMINATE HUNGER today!

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