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soups on!

I am an extreme fan of beans!  As a nursing mother however, not sure if my son appreciates my fanatics though :-). 

With the recent winter freeze storm here in Atlanta, GA, I started getting that warm and fuzzy feeling for comfort food.  So in addition to working from home Friday, I decided to let my crockpot work from home as well. 

So here’s what I did:

– Red (October) beans- along the lines of a pinto bean

– Black beans

– Bay scallops

– My homemade season all spice (avoid bouillon cubes, they are loaded with MSG)

– Cream

– Dash of Cajun spice or cayenne

I filled half the pot with water. Poured in 1/2 cup black beans and 1/2 cup red beans.  I added 2 tbsps of my season all and Cajun spice.  Turned the crockpot on high and walked away for about 8 hours.  I then mixed approximately  1/2 cup cream and turned the crockpot down to low.  Last, I added the scallops allowing them to slow cook releasing all their sweetness to the soup, yum!

Garlic bread or hot water cornbread are perfect sides!

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