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‘sneaky’ lunch yesterday- wasn’t that bad after all!

Lunch time yesterday I had a few errands to run.  Sure I brought my lunch from home (scallop and rock shrimp linguine, yummmy!), but nevertheless, I was out and about in Atlanta’s sunny 75 degree weather with no hurry to return to the office.  I had a couple of dollars in my pocket, (yeah, I was feeling a little froggy) so I decided to pick something up I don’t usually feast on.  Now understand, the hubby and I typically try to stay away from a lot of fast food, unless it’s of the healthy sort.  And what a oxmoron, because is there such thing as healthy ‘fast food’?  It seems to me that while it’s not entirely good for you, so to speak, there is a way to ‘tweak’ what you eat by minimizing your caloric intake.  But I digress.  

In trying to stay on the same side of the street, I see the golden arches…wwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!  Now Mickey D’s is the last drive thru I need to be in, but something was luring me in to try the new Mac Snack Wrap.  My excuse that I convinced myself into believing as truth, was that as a GourMaven ‘foodie’, it is my duty to try new things in all regards to food- that I want to, that is ;-).  

So I pull up to the order board and become excited at the fact that it will only cost me $2.66 to buy lunch- the economy has got me strapped! (Mac wrap $1.49 & $1 for the small fries).  Now, I love a Big Mac every now and then- in fact it’s sometimes unbearable that I must have that delicious special sauce and those two all-beef-patties, however, in the past I’ve always had it specially ordered with no bread in the middle.  I mean really, what does the extra slice of bun in the middle do for me other than jump on my hips and butt??  I can easily do without!  But this ingenious concept of taking a thin flour wrap to encompass the REAL scrumptiousness which is the Big Mac was boggling to me.  I pull to the first window handing over exact change- after scurrying in the cup holder for a nickle and a penny- and proceed as instructed to the next window.  

I’m a little excited as I gaze at the white and red bag, with that special hint of yellow so neatly folded down tight- I am assuming to contain the freshness- just waiting for me to take.  Not knowing what to expect, I chomp in on my snack wrap and am so pleasantly surprised at the wonderful experience!  It is the same flavor and punch as the first bite of the original, but not as heavy!  Added with my perfectly salted potato ‘sticks’ it was a match made in fast-food heaven!  But the kicker, the thing that made it all worthwhile….my whole lunch of a ‘Big Mack’ and fries cost me only 560 calories!!!  WHAT?  Could this be?  The original sandwich ALONE is 540! 

Now, by no means am I recommending this combo for a healthy lifestyle alternative of meal intake.  But if you have to cheat/have a bad day, why not with a ‘Big Mac’ and ‘fries’?

doot-doot, doot, doot, doooooooooot, I’m LOVING IT!

Make it a great Ronald McDonald tasting day!

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