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Because I LOVE everything food, I thought it would be an awesome idea to provide a listing of restaurant grades for our state’s largest county, Fulton. 

These restaurants have numerical scores and are translated pretty much the same as school grades with 100 being perfect, or in this case, a restaurant with no violations.  However, know that a deduction is taken for every violation given by the inspector.  What the violation is for is the mystery!  Don’t be mislead by assuming unwashed hands or spoiled food is the culprit in every situation.  It may be something minor as a leaky dishwasher.  For this matter, if you see your favorite restaurant listed with a not-so-favorable score, your best bet is to either drop by or call and speak with a manager to find out what’s really going on! 

Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and there will be plenty of shopping.  And with shopping comes dining out.  So here is my holiday gift to all my readers- Eat well & SAFE!

Make it a Great Tasting Day

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