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Refreshing Spiced Iced Green Tea…!

As a piggy-back to yesterday’s post on the wonderful benefits of green tea, it hit me that everyone may not necessarily enjoy hot tea.  As I pondered this notion, I realized there was a refreshing solution to this issue- Iced Tea!

My recipe is below.  Great to know there’s another option for getting in your daily dose of green tea.


ACAOF Refreshing Ginger Green Tea

-4 cups boiling water

-4 cups cold water

-4 ‘green tea’ tea bags

-2 teaspoons ginger

-1 lemon

– Your favorite sweetener to taste (I am finding more and more people who prefer the flavor of an unsweetened tea.  However, those with a sweeter tooth, feel free to use honey, stevia, agave, or even the old refined white stuff… if you must.)

Steep all 4 teabags into reserved boiling water for 10 minutes.  Add the juice of one lemon to the bottom of your serving pitcher.  Remove teabags, add ginger and sweeten (if you desire) mixing until completely dissolved.  Pour the 4 cups of spiced tea water into serving pitcher.  Add 4  cups cold water and stir. 

Garnishes: lemon slices, mint sprigs.

Make it a great tasting ‘green tea’ day!

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