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Quick Veggie Breakfast Scramble- got a microwave?

Ok, probably the last thing you want first thing in the morning is a ‘microwaved’ breakfast to start your day.  However, when you’re in a hurry and low on $$, this convenient little invention may be just the thing you need to jump-start your busy day. 

Earlier this week I got a great deal at our company’s cafe: fresh-to-order veggie omelette (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, spinach), wheat toast, and coffee for $3.50.  And yes, this was very filling.  But of course I like to break things down to their simplest form to see how I can make it, on my own.  So I did, and at work!  I kept the concept, just used a different approach 😉   Keeping in mind the fast pace of mornings for many compounded with the need to live healthier, it’s just not acceptable anymore to miss the most important meal of the day.  So grab some good ideas out of your fridge, crack open a couple of eggs and have at it! 

*Now on a personal note, I grow my own veggies (various tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers that seem to always cross-pollinate producing what I call my ‘squacumbers’) as well as a host of herbs, so I love throwing in whatever’s fresh off the vine.  My point right here: START A GARDEN- good for you, good for the environment.

Here’s the recipe.  *Note: this recipe is even better prepared in a skillet- this is the quick-and-easy version*

ACAOF’s Quick Garden Fresh Veggie Breakfast Scramble

Get this:

– A handful of your favorite veggies and herbs chopped and diced

– 2 eggs or egg substitute (yes, egg whites will do)

– 1 teaspoon olive oil

– 2 pinches of AbstractSpice to taste

– Suitable microwave safe container (lid optional)

– 1 microwave

Do this:

– Add veggies, AbstractSpice, and oil to microwave safe container and mix.

– Add eggs and mix well.

– Place egg mixture in microwave for 40 seconds- mix again to even out.

– Place in microwave again for 40 more seconds- checking periodically to achieve your desired softness/hardness of the scramble.

– Remove and enjoy!

*Now of course feel free to add any other ingredients you’d like.  Cooked meats, herbs, cheese, etc., to make your own signature scramble.

The scramble is a great alternative to buying fast food breakfast.  Sure you can get two breakfast sandwiches for $2.50, but it begins to add up.  Before you know it you’ve spent $12.50 and consumed an excessive amount of calories, sodium, cholesterol, and sugar.  Be good to your pocket and your body- plan to scramble!

See full size image

Make it a Great Scramble Tasting Day!

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