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It’s Deviled Egg Season- let’s get those eggs in shape!

Tis’ the season for delicious deviled eggs! You don’t have to know how to actually cook to boil an egg though, right? It’s a simple as boiling water, right? WRONG! A simple process yes, however, it’s all about timing. In the spirit of the first un-holiday-kick-off-prequel to summer, let’s get these bad boys right, as not to ruin the entire summer with crazy looking eggs…maybe🤔. My new found love food52 has done an awesome job in diagnosing what’s gone awry in basic egg boiling, as well as giving a prescription on correcting the issue! This article even suggests tasty recommendations for your not-so-perfect little balls of sunshine that’ll make your guests think you meant to do that😆.

So to devil an egg, or not to devil an egg, that is the question, and now we have the answer!


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