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Healthy grocery shopping list and guide!

In my continued struggle with eating right, I at times tend to draw a blank when it comes to the ‘what’ part of my food consumption.  For example, I know I need antioxidants, fiber, iron, etc., but ‘what’ foods give me what I need without having to overcompensate for something else? 

*Your doctor says you’re anemic and you need more iron in your diet…but you don’t eat red meat, so a steak is out- but what do you eat instead? 

*Your physical trainer says you need more calcium…but you don’t consume dairy, so milk is out- but what do you eat instead? 

So where does one start with picking the right foods on a regular basis to maximize a health lifestyle?

Luckily I’ve found an answer!  Of course I took on the necessary task of turning to Google’, as I do for all my search needs- good plug, right, lol! ;-), to lay it out plain, the best resources to tap.  And as always, Google did not let me down!  WebMD is a wonderful resource for certain quick references to help in your daily health walk.  On the site I found their phenomenal ‘Healthy Shopping Guide & List’ that is sure to give anyone a swift kick in the right direction.   I will be applying this list tomorrow for my weekly shopping adventure but don’t wait on me, try it yourself!

Here’s the link:

Let me know how it worked for you!

Make it a great Healthy Grocery Shopping day!

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