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Grilled broccoli stalk…yep, I did it!

Ever get that feeling when you’ve got a hot grill going you’re scrambling to find something else to put on it as not to waste a good fire!?!?  Well that’s what happened to me.  Grilled up my ground turkey/chuck burgers, a couple pieces of fish, and was looking for something else.  I then remembered the hubby trying to throw away the broccoli stalk from the florets I used earlier that day to make my son’s baby food.  Caught him in time and just stored them away in the fridge in a neat little baggie.  AHA!!!  Hmmmmmm….!?!? 

I took those stalks and grilled them up something fierce!  You would have thought I was eating grilled corn-on-the-cobb…just better for you!  My discovery was so delicious I had to share!

A wonderful alternative to your basic ‘salad’ sides usually served at a bbq/cookout.  You can also prepare this dish inside on your stove- making sure the burners are on med-high heat. 

*Also try chopping up the stalks once grilled to add a delicious smokey flavor to your salads!

ACAOF’s Grilled Broccoli Stalks

Here’s what you need:

– Cleaned fresh broccoli stalks

– Canola oil

– AbstractSpice

Here’s what you do:

-Make sure your grill is nice and hot!

-Brush the stalks completely with oil

-Sprinkle all sides in moderation with AbstractSpice

-Grill each side for approximately 6 minutes (or depending on your grill heat, until lightly charred to your desire)

-Take a bite and enjoy!

Make it a Great Broccoli-Stalk-Grilling Day!

*AbstractSpice is available via AC ART of Food*

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