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Fresh Corn Spinach Salad w/ Feta

fresh corn
chopped spinach
feta crumbled

I simply cannot allow Kroger to go and have a beautiful sale on corn (3/$.99) and not take advantage.  Grandmommie’s Fried Corn is always my #1 go-to, but with the weather getting warmer a nice cool salad minus the cast iron skillet seems a more refreshing option.  This recipe is so super simple and super fresh.  You just can’t beat the natural sweet crisp snap of biting into fresh corn!  Now as usual, I completely made this up based on what I had a taste for as well as to fit my new pescetarian lifestyle (so throw some grilled shrimp in here if you ‘d like to make it a main dish 🙂 ).

Here’s what I did:

– 8 ears of fresh still-in-the-husk corn (shucked in a bowl)

– 1 pkg thawed chopped spinach

– 6-8 oz. crumbled feta

– 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

– 1 tbsp. garlic powder

– 1 tbsp. onion powder

– 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

– kosher salt/pepper to taste

Simply take all the ingredients above and mix/toss them together in the shucked corn bowl and enjoy!

*To add some smokiness, try throwing the corn cobb on the grill, cool, and then shuck for a delicious grilled taste.

Make it a Great Tasting Day!

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