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FOOD VIDEO: "Johnny Cake w/ Black Eyed Pea Hummus Topped With Collards & Shrimp

This recipe is one I attempted on my Test Kitchen Thursday LIVE (Join us every Thursday @ 7pm on and it was a HUGE hit!

The flavors were a Godsend from the ancestors with a melody of textures and colors. Each component is a cultural piece standing alone in amazement, but when all three are combined it's true magic.

The "Johnny Cake"is simply that of a sweet cornbread in pancake form. It's name originated as "Journey Cake" for when our ancestors needed a substantial meal quick and easy to transport along the journey to freedom.

The Black Eyed Pea Hummus is a modern remix with the additions of smoothing the beans and adding in fresh garlic, sesame oil, a bit of AS Rose Sea Salt, and a squeeze of zesty citrus.

And lastly, chopping finely the 'money' collard greens to cut down the cooking time as it is sauteed with fresh shrimp and layered on top of the Johnny Cake, only after a delicious spreading of our hummus.

Check out the ACAOF Test Kitchen Thursday LIVE below on YouTube!

Great Eats & Healthy Living!


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