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Blue Cranberry Cheese Spread….


Hello fellow foodies!

I was playing around in the kitchen Memorial Day weekend and came up with this delicious recipe.  Funny thing is, I was originally putting together my faithful cracker topper standby which is my goat cheese & herbs spread until I realized I was out of goat cheese and WAS NOT going back to the madhouse which was he grocery store.  So I began to brainstorm and combined what I felt for that day in my new spread- STRONG but sweet!

This spread is perfect to pack for a picnic, relaxing on the deck/porch, and of course as a dinner party starter.  But please don’t forget the ‘white’- WINE that is!  Pairs perfectly with a chilled Chardonnay, Riesling, and/or Moscato Asti.


 Blue Cranberry Cheese Spread

–       1  8oz. pkg low-fat cream cheese

–       1/3 cup blue cheese crumbles (more/less depending on how strong you like it)

–       1 tbsp honey

–       ½ cup dried cranberries

–       1/3 cup dried chives

–       2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

–       Salt/pepper to taste

*Mix all ingredients together and eat immediately or let chill in the fridge for about an hour to let ingredients marry more.  Can be made in advance as flavor gets better the longer it keeps J

*Use a mild/plain cracker or toasted baguette as not to conflict the strong flavor of the cheese (water cracker, plain whole wheat, triscuit, etc.).

Make it a Great Tasting Day!

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