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Superbowl homemade pizza w/ Publix fresh pizza dough…!

It was a party of two last night as we watched the New Orléans Saints SPANK the Colts!  The hubby and I rocked the baby to sleep and it was ON!  Pizza time!!  We usually go and pick up one of the best pizza pies ever from OZ Pizza in East Point or the one in Fairburn, either way you’re in for a real treat- I highly recommend ‘The Mack’.  Or if we’re in Cincinnati you can’t beat Dewey’s near Hyde Park for their intoxicating BBQ Chicken pizza.  However for this past Sunday, something was just jabbing at me to try pizza making from my own kitchen- dough and all!  Now we’re no strangers to the pre-made bubbly pizza crust already baked and packaged, found in the refrigerator case of your local grocer.  But when I saw the actual dough in the case at Publix, my mind started spinning!  Feeling quite ambitious, I grabbed the sole bag and headed to the house.

Here’s what I used:

– Publix made fresh pizza dough (roughly $2.50)

– Can of tomato sauce (add to it: chopped garlic, basil, onion powder, kosher salt, and hot sauce to make it your own!)

– FRESH mozzarella cheese

– Green pepper

– Onion

– Green olives

– Turkey pepperoni 

– Olive oil

Here’s what I did:

– Sprayed large sheet pan with cooking spray and dusted lightly with cornmeal (crust lifts off pan easier)

– Worked the dough to fit the size of my large sheet pan (stretch the dough as thin as possible, not too translucent and without any holes)

– Baked crust ONLY  for 10-12 minutes

– While crust baked, made sauce (see above) and cut toppings

– Removed crust from oven and brushed w/ olive oil

– Added sauce first, cheese second, and then arranged toppings on top

– Threw back in the oven for about 12 more minutes until pizza was bubbly

– Hubby sliced it up and it was a wrap!

No doubt, this pizza was simply delicious and not difficult or complicated to construct.  You’re at complete liberty to add what every you like- mainly what you already have in the fridge:-).  Other than the task of stretching out the dough to fit my pan, I must reiterate how really simple it was to assemble.  Now, to be clear,  we will definitely still go out to immerse ourselves in the oooeyy-gooey-goodness that is OZ and Dewey’s, however, I doubt we’ll be ordering in any time soon for delivery ;-).

Make it a great pizza tasting day!

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