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Oven-Fried-Beer-Battered-Onion Rings!

Can it be true?  FAT/CHOLESTEROL FREE onion rings that actually taste like….ONION RINGS??? 

Wonder no more!  The answer is ‘yes’!  You can have amazingly tasty beer battered onion rings and not feel guilty about consuming mountains of the bad stuff usually associated with this American culinary staple.

Experimented with this recipe last week after not being able to find any frozen beer-battered ones as requested by the hubby to sit beside the coneys we were having that night.  So you know me, I figured I could do it myself…only better and better for you!

ACAOF Oven-Fried-Beer Battered-Onion Rings

Get this:

– 1 large Vidalia onion (other than me, one of the best and sweetest things to ever come out of Georgia 😉 )

– 1 cup Buckwheat pancake/waffle mix (cake flour, whole wheat flour, or all-purpose flour will also do well)

– Approx 1/2 cup of beer (Hubby’s favorite is Amstel Light)

– 1/2 tbsp *AbstractSpice

– 1 tsp fresh ground cracked pepper

– Can of cooking spray

– OPTIONAL: bread crumbs (still cholesterol-free, however, contains a minute portion of fat)

Do this:

– Pre-heat oven to 450

– Slice onions approximately 1/2 inch thick- separating each ring (1 onion should produce approx. 15-16 ringlettes)

– Mix together flour, *AbstractSpice, pepper, and beer (consistency should be of a medium-thin pancake batter)

– Drop each ringlette into batter- coating completely

–  Spray baking sheet with cooking spray

– Place each ringlette separately onto the baking sheet

OPTIONAL: You can sprinkle each ringlette with bread crumbs for an added crunch here

– Spray the onion rings with cooking spray

– Place in oven and bake for approximately 10-12 minutes until golden-brown

– Enjoy!

*(You may notice the batter breaking away from the onion when placing on the pan- this is normal.  For a thicker coating, after the first beer coating drop, sprinkle ringlette with your dry flour and then coat in the beer batter for a second time)*

Make it a Great Baked-Onion-Ring Tasting Day!

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