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Great Eats & Healthy Living!

AC Art Of Food is a culinary lifestyle resource providing 

heart-healthy delicious seasoning blends, blood type health and wellness coaching programs, and courses to mindfully and strategically help you eat healthier!

We also have custom meal plans/planning for your specific health need along with cookbooks full of delicious healthful recipes. 

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Abstract Spice Seasonings

Abstract Spice seasoning blends are 3x LESS sodium than the leading all-purpose seasoning blends.  Phenomenal on vegetables, meats, seafood, barbecue, potatoes, popcorn, and even fruit, enhancing appearance and flavor!  Feel good about seasoning your food with a universal seasoning for overall great health!

IMG_9415 2_edited_edited_edited.png
spices on spoon

No Artificial Preservatives, No MSG, Non-GMO.

"I believe that in order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to have good eating habits," says AC ART OF FOOD founder, AC Price. "That means eating better and being aware of what you're putting into your body." She began researching healthier foods for her family after a relative was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes when he was only 5 years old. "If I'd known then what I know now about how food affects us, I could've avoided all of this. It's important to be proactive about our health."

AC Price created AC ART OF FOOD as a way to help others live better through the choices they make with their food and nutrition. She provides education on how to make healthier diet choices, low sodium heart healthy non-GMO and MSG-free seasonings, meal plans, and wellness coaching. Her mission is to help others ensure that they are living their best lives through healthy eating choices.



Allow AC Art Of Food to change your life by evolving your health and wellness journey with professional registered dietician approved meal plan programs.

Blood Type Health & Wellness Coaching

Embrace personalized wellness through our mindful blood type nutrition and health and wellness expert coaching programs, guiding you to a healthier lifestyle tailored to your unique needs. Join us for a transformative journey to improved well-being, where every bite is a step towards a vibrant and balanced life.


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Culinary Health Books

Culinary health cookbooks offer a wealth of benefits for individuals seeking healthy solutions to various problems. These cookbooks provide a diverse range of including plant-based recipes, disease prevention, chronic illness management, nutritional analysis, wellness kitchen," "culinary medicine," and "healthy recipe ideas.

CH Cook Books

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