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The Easiest Way To Eat Healthily!

AC Art Of Food is a lifestyle resource that provides courses and sessions, and healthy handcrafted seasoning blends to help you eat healthier! We have custom meal plans/planning for every occasion along with cookbooks full of delicious recipes. 

Get started with AC Art Of Food TODAY!

Transform Your Mealtime with ACAOF: Fresh, Flavorful & Fuss-Free Meal Prep!


Gourmet Chef Prepared

Made Fresh Just For You

Easy Pickup Locations

Order Each Week By Friday at 9am

Feast on Flavor: Experience Nutritious Gourmet Delights with AC Art Of Food!

Welcome to AC Art Of Food Meal Prep: Your Ultimate Companion for Tasty, Balanced, and Delectable Grab-and-Go Meals! Relish the wholesomeness of organic, locally-sourced, and seasonal ingredients at every opportunity, while delighting in a scrumptious substitute for ordinary takeout. AC Art Of Food is committed to serving as your reliable resource for healthy meal selections and a dependable culinary wellness partner. Meals as low as $12.99.  Eager to kickstart your delectable adventure?

Locally Sourced, Deliciously Crafted.

What is ACAOF Meal Prep?

The ACAOF Meal Prep is an exclusive gourmet healthier eating meal prep service that provides delicious and nutritious meals for your convenience.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, there is a 5 meal order minimum. Meals can be mixed and matched to create your desired combination of 5 or more meals.

How does ACAOF Meal Prep gather customer feedback?

A week after your initial order, we will send you a short customer survey to collect feedback and help us serve you better.

What is the deadline for placing orders? 

All orders must be placed by 9 am on Fridays.

Experience The Only Spice You'll Ever Need!

It's All-Natural. It's Low-Sodium. It's Good On Everything.


Abstract Spice awakened my senses immediately upon unsealing the bag. So far, I've used it on salmon, chicken, spinach salad, baked beans, and as a dry rub; all with great success. Take a bow AC... this is big!

Trevor A.

No Artificial Preservatives, No MSG, Non-GMO.

"I believe that in order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to have good eating habits," says AC ART OF FOOD founder, AC Price. "That means eating better and being aware of what you're putting into your body." She began researching healthier foods for her family after a relative was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes when he was only 5 years old. "If I'd known then what I know now about how food affects us, I could've avoided all of this. It's important to be proactive about our health."

AC Price created AC ART OF FOOD as a way to help others live better through the choices they make with their food and nutrition. She provides education on how to make healthier diet choices, non-GMO and MSG-free seasonings, meal plans, and wellness coaching. Her mission is to help others ensure that they are living their best lives through healthy eating choices.

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From the little ones to seniors, we can promise you one thing:

You’re gonna love it.

AC ART OF FOOD's low-sodium seasoning and meal plan takes the guesswork out of cooking healthy meals.


Great Eats & Healthy Living

spices on spoon
The Love Is Real!


215 Laredo Drive
100, Decatur, GA 30030


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