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Culinary Health Custom Recipe Card

Culinary Health Custom Recipe Card

Introducing our Culinary Health Custom Recipe Card Collections, the perfect solution for business and corporate communications looking to add a healthy and delicious twist to their content and communication outlets.  

Each card includes nutrition and blood type benefits, suggestions, and tips making it easy for your employees to make healthy choices understanding the positive impacts on their diets- healthy eating employees=productive employees!  With our hassle-free custom cards, you can add a healthy vibrant twist of tasty information to your company's communications. Elevate your corporate wellness program with our Culinary Health Custom Recipe Cards today and promote healthy living!


  • Curated recipe to includes: branded recipe, health + blood type benefits, and custom QR code directly linking to the ACAOF site. 

  • Suggested food item prefreces and types are welcome- be sure to add suggestions/requests to the notes section at check out.

  • AC ART OF FOOD, LLC®️ curated recipes are non-refundable.

  • AC ART OF FOOD, LLC®️ curated recipes will be submitted to clients electronically.

  • Each recipe is the property of AC ART OF FOOD, LLC®️- no changes or adjustments are to be made without written and signed consent by Adrienne ‘AC’ Price. 

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