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Logi's Natural Sugar Spice

Logi's Natural Sugar Spice

...and just in time for Fall!


Memories of warm cinnamon toast fresh out the oven or a sprinkle of spiced sweetness on whipped cream topping your hot cocoa are what our new Logi's Natural Sugar Spice blend envokes, and more!


Pure natural brown cane sugar with notes of beneficial cinnamon, nutmeg, and hints of cloves, and a touch of our Rose Sea Salt for balance.  These warm spices are excellent agents of regulating blood pressure and have calming properties for your overall wellness.


This blend is a game-changer for naturally sweetening winter root squash, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and the perfect addition to spice up your morning cup of coffee!


Treat yourself and sweeten your day naturally!


  • Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, Abstract Spice seasoing blends are lower in sodium making it good, and good for you. Plus, it's sustainable, recyclable, and comes in convenient double-sealed packs and containers, preserving aroma and freshness. Try it on everything and taste the difference!


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