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Lemon Salt & Pepper

Lemon Salt & Pepper

Our Lemon Salt & Pepper is a naturally lower sodium version of Atlanta's favorite version of "Lemon Pepper"!   However, Abstract Lemon Salt & Pepper is not only a zesty-licious seasoning, it's also all natural with actual lemon rind enhancing the natural color of this seasoing blend.  And still an incredible blend of nourishing herbs, spices, and Himalayan sea salt.


  • This versatile seasoning enhances the flavor of vegetables, meats, seafood, barbeque, potatoes, popcorn, and even fruit.


  • Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, Abstract Spice seasoing blends are lower in sodium making it good, and good for you. Plus, it's sustainable, recyclable, and comes in convenient double-sealed packs and containers, preserving aroma and freshness. Try it on everything and taste the difference!


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