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My Veggie Journey: …it all started with a bet.

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Back in February of this year, a few co-workers and I were having lunch in the company break room when the subject of bad eating habits came up.  I brought up that I was contemplating becoming a pescetarian.  And that ladies and gentlemen is when the challenge came.  ‘I bet you cash money you can’t last a year being a pescetarian!’  Now those who know me know that I do not back down to a challenge.  Before I considered the upcoming warm weather that would produce delightfully succulent bbq chicken, burgers, and ribs, oh the baby back ribs, I had confidently accepted.  See, it wasn’t until after the handshake when I realized what I may have too hastily gotten myself into.  Could I really dedicate to a primary vegetarian lifestyle with a sprinkle of the sea here and there?  Well here I am 3 months later and successful.  Now I completely get that I have a whopping 9 months left, but I can honestly say I’m not missing ‘the meat’ as much as I thought I would.  Every now and then I’ll get the hankering for a medium rare grilled beef burger with all the fixings, and especially a few bones of my daddy’s baby back ribs with his homemade sauce slathered all over (um, yeah, let me stop because the mouth is beginning to water, lol!).  How am I doing it successfully though you ask?  Education. Or should I say ‘Vegucation’.  It actually started with me perusing Netflix and stumbling upon the documentary ‘Food Inc.’  When I tell you I had to watch it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything, it’s true!  I was amazed, heartbroken, and yet encouraged at the same time to embrace my new lifestyle with new conviction!  Then I began to crave more knowledge about the health disturbances, inhumane treatment of animals, mistreatment of factory farmers, and the crazy and corrupt politics behind the whole brainwashing notion that humans NEED meat.  That’s when I ran across ‘Vegucated’, my tipping point, and knew that I was committed to this journey that will eventually lead me to a 100% vegetarian/vegan lifestyle in only a matter of time. It was amazing how this film took 3 faithful meat lovers and dispelled the myths that I too was holding on to as reasons why I had to have meat.  From the structure of our teeth to the biblical conception, it was made crystal clear. Now please understand, I do not judge nor do I criticize meat-eaters, I just suggest that if you are going to eat red meat- make it grass-fed, chicken- antibiotic free, fish- wild, and buy all organic as often as possible.

It’s kind of funny though that what started out as a bet actually ended up changing and improving my life.  When you know better, you do better- the more you know the more you grow.  So from time to time I’ll be posting about this journey and the food that comes along for the ride!

Stay clean eating!

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