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Blood Type Health & Wellness Coaching Program

  • 12Weeks
  • 2Steps


*Group Coaching Sessions Available (10 person maximum)* Learn which foods, nutrients, and movement work best for your blood type to improve your overall health and weight loss goals! This 12 week coached program is blood type specific designed to target not just weight loss goals, but overall wellness from head to toe, inside and out! Our holistic approach also teaches you how to decrease stress and increase calm from within. As a certified culinary health and wellness coach and expert, I have developed this program to incorporate the fundamentals of quality nutrition, custom meal plans, weekly coaching exercises, and mindfulness building practices that will prepare you to be a master at living your best life! Here's a quick look at your 12 week roadmap: - Blood Type Assessments/Workbook - Weekly Interactive Coaching/ Video Calls - Personal Development Assessments - Milestone Checkpoints - Culinary Health Basics Course - Essential Supplement, Cleanse List - Custom Meal Plans - Healthy Recipes - Daily Workout Plan - Meditation Build Plan - Affirmation Calendar - Elimination Challenges - Licensed Medical Practitioner ACAOF team members available for further self discovery - And MORE to transform your absolute best WHOLE life!

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