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*Naturebox snack review!*

Updated: Aug 8, 2021


recently become a fan of podcasts, and one in particular that gives me life is 'The Read' with Kid Fury and Crissle. During their sponsor credits they rave about the snacks from naturebox. What made the sponsor shout even more attractive was the '50% off your first order' offer when you use the specific code from the podcast...uh-uh-uh, you gotta go listen to their weekly hilariously opinionated, politically conscious, always woke, and current-events-ripping podcast to get that valuable piece of info😉.

While listening one day at work, I pull up on my computer and am immediately in love with the vast variety and taste combos of these healthy snacks! So I peruse the site, selecting to my cart snacks that tickled my fancy the most, applied my discount code (thanks Kid Fury and Crissle!), enter my payment/shipping info, and less than a week later my huge brown box arrived! I immediately rip open each pack nibbling here and there getting a sample of everything! There was not one snack I did not like, but here are my top 5 in order with #1 being just that, my #1 tasty snackmazing pick!

  1. Sriracha Cashews- OMfreakin'GGGG!! I can snack on these bad boys all day everyday! It's like a sharp spice kick mellowed with a mildly sweet component from the cashews, that's then rounded out with a tangy citris zip! What's more, the spice kick helps to boost your metabolism!

  2. Dried Mangoes- just mangoes....dried. Nothing else added to take away from this beautiful, delicious all by itself, God-given fruit! Most places have these strips with added sugar unfortunately. The crazy part is these taste just as sweet but without the unnecessary glycemic surge, and sugary residue on your fingers🤗.

  3. Lemon Tea Biscuits- lemon shortbread, Lemon shortbread, LEMON SHORTBREAD FOLKS!! Such a divine simple cookie that's usually laddened with butter and a monstrous calorie load . But not this time, and not with naturebox! These zesty bite-sized, buttery, crisp, refreshing nibbles allow you the pure joy of eating a handful, minus the guilt of a boatload of fat and calories. Plus they pair perfectly with a steamy cup of peppermint tea.

  4. Nom Noms (Dark Cocoa or Peanut butter)- either way these chewy nibbles make for a tasy, super easy and quick means to get a nutritiously satisfying snack in between meals. I've even enjoyed them as a light and simple breakfast along with a piece of fruit and a cup of tea or coffee.

  5. Coffee Kettle Popcorn- who'd a thunk it? Mocha popcorn! This 'cup of joe' inspired treat is the ideal mix of rich java and subtle sweet salty of kettle corn. The perfect snack when you're hunting for something crisp and a little out of the ordinary delicious!

A naturally delicious way of snacking that's outside the box (ALL puns intended)! I highly recommend this line of snacks that have a minimal listing of ingredients that I can easily identify and pronunce! I have also referred friends and family to this snackline, primarily to keep them away from my snack stash!!

I have my own line of healthy snacks that I make from scratch, but when time gets away from me and life begins to happen, I reach for my naturebox snacks and I'm a happy camper!

👍5 out of 5 ACAOF Green Apples rating👍


But don't just take my word for it, go to for your discounted first order today!

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