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LIST: Top 11 Plant-Based Remixed Foods

I'll bet that you, reading this post right now, have tried a plant-based alternative to one of your food

favs. Am I right? What was it? Did you dump your 2% dairy milk for a nice tall glass of cold oat milk? Or was it the chickenless nuggets you dunked in that bbq sauce?

Maybe it was a sizzling patty of meat-alternative between a pair of buns with lettuce, tomato, and pickle? Whatever your choice, more and more options are being made available for those seeking a break from the animal consumption-life. And with these plant-forward companies creating almost mirror images of the meat traditionals so close in mouthwatering taste, expect to see more restaurant menus and grocery store shelves packed with these meat-free options.

And folks aren't choosing plant-based options solely for just for a better diet either. As climate change becomes more evident, sustainability has become an equal driving force to eat more plants.

Whatever your reason for incorporating more plants into your diet, AC Art Of Food is helping you out with our...

Abstract List of the Top 11 Plant-Based Remixed Foods

  1. Gardein (soy, ancient grains, vegetables, pea proteins, wheat)

  2. Impossible Products (soy protein)

  3. Beyond Meat (pea, brown rice, mung bean, faba bean)

  4. Quorn Products (mycoprotein)

  5. Follow Your Heart Vegenaise mayo alternative (soy-free/expeller-pressed canola)

  6. Silk dairy alternatives (soy, almond, cashew, coconut, oat)

  7. Kite Hill yogurt alternative (almond milk)

  8. Earth Balance dairy butter alternative (expeller-pressed oils, pea protein)

  9. Violife cheese alternative (coconut oil)

  10. Just Egg egg alternative (mung bean)

  11. Ben & Jerry's dairy ice cream alternative (almond milk)



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