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Georgia Peach Shrimp Tacos



This simple yet delicious creation was born on a Saturday afternoon after visiting the ol’ local Farmer’s market. Five (5) simple ingredients- one amazingly delicious taco. Enjoy!!

GPS Tacos:

– 1 lb grilled spicy shrimp – 4 fresh peaches- chunky chopped – soft tortillas – pkg of queso fresco (Mexican crumbling cheese) – Green Goddess dressing – cilantro (optional)

Do this: – toast tortillas in oven or on top of the stove – drizzle dressing onto tortilla – cut grilled spicy shrimp into thirds and lay on dressing topped tortilla (dressing acts as an adhesive) – add chopped peaches – crumble on queso fresco and cilantro

So delicious!

Make It A Great Tasting Day!

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