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Black Bean Eggs Ranchero a-la leftovers!


In preparation for Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night, friends and family were clanging spoons in bowls and pots and pans. Since the huge feast would take part in about 12 hours, I decided to pull together something that was anything but, and there’s ALWAYS time for Mexican!! So I made two delicious pans of my Myers Nacho Dip (recipe to come) one with ground turkey and of course one without for the ‘veggielif-ers’ such as myself 😉

After early Saturday morning grocery shopping to replenish Thanksgiving’s stampede and to prepare for the ‘back to real life’ upcoming work/school week, I was in need of a protein packed nourishing brunch-type meal.

Enter: Black Bean Eggs Ranchero a-la leftovers!


Quick and easy baby! Grabbed that pan of the veggie Myers Dip, re-heated that sucker, fried two eggs (yolk runny thank you!), and threw them on top!! Was a bit disappointed however, that I ran out of avocados, but that’s ok, it still ROCKED!!


Make it a Great Tasting Day!

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