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6Tips to Navigate Holiday Feasts

Yes 'tis the season, it is indeed upon us! Believe it or not majority of our fond memories and nostalgia around the holidays derive from the excitement of the holiday dinner table and/or a specific dish that many wait until November & December to enjoy.

Now, as in all things ACAOF, you won't hear me scolding about what you shouldn't have during this family festive season.

However, you will hear me strongly suggesting to slow down, moderate, and strategize.

Here's 6 Tips to Navigate Holiday Feasts like a champ to get you started, and not go without this holiday season- don't delay, start practicing today!

  1. 32 at 32- drink 32 ounces of water 32 minutes before dinner time- this will help to limit the intensity of hunger and the amount of food you consume, also keeping you from knocking everyone out the way to be first in know who you are, lol!

  2. Check that plate size and sample what fits- opt for a smaller salad plate instead of the regular dinner plate to better measure your portions. This way you'll be more strategic about what goes on it!

  3. Shoot for the veggies first and make them majority of your 'smaller' plate- start off with the veggie sides before adding on the carbs and meats.

  4. Strategize dessert- decide which treats you will indulge in ahead of time. Can't decide? Create a sampler platter of your sweet favs allowing 2 bites of each- all you really need is a taste to satisfy.

  5. Indulge in after dinner play- before or after the Turkey Day tryptophan kicks in, suggest a 30 minute family stroll to get those digestive juices flowing and burn some of those calories. Not down for a walk? Have family game time and shoot for more 'active' games such as Taboo or other charades-like games that are active creating not only laughter and activity to eliminate calories, but most importantly family memories to cherish for a lifetime. Make it a tradition!

  6. Lastly, give yourself grace- couldn't tackle tips 1-5? No worries, these tips are just as necessary on a daily basis. Commit to conquering as many as you can at your own pace and give yourself grace!





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